*1099 Available


Designs software tools and subsystems to support software reuse and domain analyses and manages their implementation. Manages software development and support using formal specifications, data flow diagrams, other accepted design techniques and Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools. Estimates software development costs and schedule. Reviews existing programs and assists in making refinements, reducing operating time and improving current techniques. Formulates and defines specifications for software applications or modifies and maintains existing applications using engineering releases and utilities from the manufacturer. Responsible for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation. Instructs, directs, and checks the work of other task personnel. Responsible for quality assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software products.


• Analyze any newly identified vulnerabilities and deficiencies within the IC GovCloud security tool suite; perform gap analysis.

• As a result of the gap analysis and at the direction of the Government, research and evaluate commercial products capable of eliminating the vulnerability or deficiency within the security tool suite.

• Conduct analysis of alternatives and present findings of analysis results to the Government in a Technical Analysis package for the Government's evaluation and Government's selection of a solution.

• Collaborate and coordinate with ancillary organizations to procure, deliver, dispose, and track and new HW/SW required for solution implementation.

• Prepare Configuration Plans, SW enhancement plans, engineer solutions to easily interface with GUI and/or web front-end interfaces.

• Define, design, and incorporate interfaces to retrieve data from various scanning tools.

• Design, validate, and implement access controls as part of the systems and service solutions.

• Enhance, modify, and test COTS/GOTS and any applicable hardware to ensure interoperability and compatibility with existing IC GovCloud architecture; prepare Engineering Change Proposals applicable to any implemented system configuration change.

• Define, coordinate, and schedule testing, integration, implementation, and deployment activities with dependent external interface devices/owners.

• Deploy security solutions across the IC GovCloud. Install hardware and implement required software to ensure fully functional computer environment.

• Upon direction of the Government prepare and conduct security tool instruction/training with regards to newly deployed tool capabilities and functions for authorized users of the IC GovCloud security tool suite.

• Continuously monitor the health and status of security tool suites through IT system management. Maintain, upgrade, refresh, and update to maintain full operational capacity.

• Conduct database administration to monitor, report, and repair any degradation of the health and status of the systems and tools within the NISIRT.


Collaborates with the Government to assess current operations and business processes through the examination of organization's mission, strategic goals, and customer needs which begins at the strategic level and progresses down through the stakeholder organization. Facilitates Business Process Reengineering (BPR) efforts and engages stakeholder organizations to fully define the processes, business rules, and relationships that drive operations.